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The 'Arkutino' British Summer School has been setup to be a fun, lively and exciting place for the students.  However, the safety of the students is paramount at all times.  Therefore, there are certain rules which are in place to help achieve this.  Students will be informed of these procedures at the beginning of the summer school and parents need to agree that their children abide by these rules in order to make the school a safe place for all students.

Arkutino Complex

The main building in Arkutino is designed to be a safe place for students.  The complex is fenced all around with gated access to the beach, and a main entrance for cars.  The area and the hallways of the school are under 24 hour video surveillance (system with automatic recording).

Students will be in the complex during the day and in lessons between 11am and 4.10pm.  During these times students will not be allowed to leave the complex and the students will be supervised by the teachers onsite. 

Outside of these hours, students will only be allowed to leave the complex with one of the centre’s staff, for example, with teachers or entertainers to go to the beach or to take part in games and activities which will be arranged for the students. 

For safety reasons, any breach of these rules will result in disciplinary action by the Director.

The security guards lock all outside doors at exactly 22:30. By then all student must be ready to go to bed.


All visitors to the centre will need to first go to reception and sign in.  There will also be someone present at the entrance to the building who may ask the reason for your visit.  If, for whatever reason, you want to take your child away from the centre for a period of time, we ask that you inform us at least a day in advance so that we can inform the teachers and entertainers and so that they don’t worry about a missing child.  You will also be asked to sign out your child at the reception with an estimated return time, again so that staff in a position of responsibility are aware of this.  It is suggested that between 11am and 4.10pm that children are kept onsite as this is the educational part of the day.


Students share a room with 1 or 2 other students and after lights out are not allowed to go to any other room.  Girls and boys will be kept on separate floors and there will be someone responsible for this at night.  Students should not lock their doors at night in case of an emergency

Discipline procedures

Should a child misbehave or break any of the rules the following procedures are in place.

1.  Teacher or Entertainer should speak to the student and when appropriate give them a warning

2.  If the problem continues the matter will be referred to the senior teacher/entertainer

3.  If the problem still continues, it should be referred to the Director or Assistant Director onsite

4.  If the problem still isn’t resolved, the Director or Assistant Director will decide if to give a written warning, call the parents and in extreme cases the student might be asked to leave the summer school

5.  If the problem is of a very serious nature, the student might not receive an initial warning and the problem may be referred immediately to the director.

These procedures are in place to ensure that all students enjoy the summer school and to ensure the safety of all students.

Children’s health and safety – In and around the complex

There is an onsite doctor who is available 24 hours a day who students can visit with any problems they might have. 

Parents should inform the centre in advance of any allergies that a student may have so that the doctor and staff in responsibility are aware of this.  Should a child carry any prescribed medicines parents must provide us with detailed information regarding their effects and schedule of use.  All medicines are stored by our medical team.

The day program is designed so that the children do not go outside during the hottest times of the day. During times at the beach, the centre has a reserved part of the beach where Sun Loungers are provided for the students.  The centre provides a qualified lifeguard to look after the children in the water in addition to a lifeguard who is stationed on the beach.  Furthermore, the children will also be with the entertainers during this time who will also be responsible for the children and who will orgainse additional activities who don’t want to go in the water.

All in-house medical services are covered by the medical insurance. In case an in-patient treatment (hospitalization) is required there is a surcharge, the amount of which is determined by the attended hospital.

We will need parent’s consent to act “in loco parents” in case there is a medical emergency so that our staff is able to act as fast and adequate as possible.

 Children’s health and safety – Offsite

Children will be taken on an excursion to a waterpark in Primorsko, to a local town (for example Sozopol or Burgass) or to sites of interst in the nature reserve nearby during the summer school.  During this time, it is important that the entertainer or teacher in charge is aware of the location of all the children in his or her care.  In town’s such as Sozopol and Burgass, children will be expected to stay together with the staff member and they will be in groups of no more than 10 children together.  Depending on the member of staff’s discretion, at the waterpark and local trips staff may allow students to go in groups of 2 or 3 within the complex and to check back with the staff member at set periods during the day.

Pocket money, ID documents, valuables, tickets

The school has a safety deposit box available at the reception free of charge 24/7. We advise all students to store their pocket money, debit/credit cards (if any), ID documents, valuables and tickets in the safety box. Student allowances are being kept in the Student “Bank” which holds personalized envelopes that the students can use to receive money from every day from Monday through Friday.  By using the Student “Bank” system we can provide you with daily information regarding your kid’s finances.

Internet and Telephone connection

The school will provide free internet access for students during the stay and computers are provided for this.  As we have restricted the sites which students can use so that inappropriate sites are inaccessible, we request that students do not bring their own laptops to the centre.  If somebody has brought a laptop he will be requested to leave it at the reception before 22:00. The Internet access for students automatically stops at 22:00 hrs and starts at 6:30 in the morning.

The use of cell phones during classes or after bedtime is not allowed.

There is also an emergency telephone line open 24 hours a day which will be used in case of emergencies.


In order to make the children use English language 24/7 and to simulate an English speaking environment the TV programs available at the School will be only in English (i.e. Euronews, BBC, Discovery channel, etc).  No TV programs in Bulgarian will be displayed.

Photo materials

The language school will be taking photos of all participating students as well as making a DVD video of the study process. All photos will be posted on the school's website (or the one of the Vacation Training Centers Ltd.) and will be offered to the students upon registration.  We would use the photos also to advertise the school to potential participants and their families. Parents should let us know if they do not agree for their child to be photographed.




The following is TO BE SIGNED BY PARENT/GUARDIAN and the STUDENT upon registration:

Name of student: ………………………………………………………………..

  1. Due to the fact that all students are considered underage minors, unsupervised walks, excursions, beach trips etc. are not permitted. Students are under the strict supervision and care of their teachers and animators 24/7.
  2. Should any personal or other problems arise, students must notify their teachers or animators immediately. The school staff is available 24/7.
  3. Students are allowed to use their personal cell phones to communicate with their parents. However the use of cell phones during classes or after bed time is not permitted.
  4. All students must be in their rooms and ready for bed by 22:00 every day. Quiet hours are in effect every day after 22:00.
  5. “Arkutino” Summer School has the right to act “in loco parentis” in case of an emergency (medical or other). By their signature bellow parents give their consent so that our staff is legally allowed to act in the best interest of the students.
  6. Students are expected to be on their best behavior and act respectfully towards their peers and the school staff at all times.
  7. Co-ed accommodation is not allowed. Boys and girls are accommodated in separate rooms and mixing is prohibited.
  8. Doors of bedrooms should not be licked during sleeping times.
  9. Students are liable for damages caused by them to third parties and are obligated to cover any associated costs/fines.
  10. The use of cigarettes, alcohol or any narcotic substances is strictly prohibited. Students must know that the use of the above substances is unlawful.
  11. “Arkutino” Summer School reserves the right to expel students in the event that serious violation of the rules is present – disorderly conduct, undermining the school reputation etc.
  12. In cases of disciplinary suspension or self/parent discontinuation of the course no fees are refundable.

I hereby declare that the information stated is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I assume all financial obligations related to the enrollment. With my signature I hereby certify that I am aware and accept all the conditions specified on the form.

 Parent’s/Guardian’s signature: ……………………………………………..

Name, relation to student: …………………………………………………………………..


By signing this document I agree to follow all guidelines, rules and regulations set at the School, as well as to take part in the School’s life.

Student’s signature: ……………………………………………………………….


Start dates

The British Summer School "Arkutino"
for children ages 10 to 14

Session І:    05 July 2020 
                 (departure 18 Juy)

Session ІІ:  19 July 2020
                 (departure 01 August)


Price per student:
730 euro
(1 session = 2 weeks)

double bedroom guaranteed:
+ 59 Euro


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