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Useful tips for the students! 


What should I bring with me?

Documents: 1. Signed Rules by parent and student (download ) -- OBLIGATORY!!! 
                      2. Signed Declaration for the Aqua Park and/or water sports (download )

For the classroom:
      two notebooks, and multicolor colored pens and pencils, eraser 

For the leisure:            beach towel, swimwear, sun hat, sun block, pocket money for souvenirs, tourist attractions visits and sightseeing

For my health:             toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, wet wipes

Just in case:                  repellent (mosquito), raincoat, sweater

For the advanced:        compass, binoculars, flashlight, camera, sunglasses

Parents should inform the centre in advance of any allergies that a student may have so that the doctor and staff in responsibility are aware of this.

How will I

Together with other children: bus provided by the Foundation (extra charge)
On my own:              a) by family car
                                   b) public transport and will need a pick up service (extra charge)

In each case, parents need to confirm the means of travel and provide the necessary additional information.


Peace of mind for parents! 


Students are provided with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). On site cooked meals are served hot to students on block-table. The healthy diet is entirely consistent with the age group and the needs of the adolescents. Each meal includes fruits and vegetables. Soft drinks and tea optional.  

Packed lunch is provided on full day excursion.



The building of the school is under 24 hour video surveillance. The security guards lock all outside doors at exactly 22:30. By then all student must be ready to go to bed. 


Pocket money, ID documents, valuables, tickets

The school has a safety deposit box available at the reception free of charge 24/7. We advise all students to store their pocket money, debit/credit cards (if any), ID documents, valuables and tickets in the safety box. Student allowances are being kept in the Student “Bank” which holds personalized envelopes that the students can use to receive money from every day from Monday through Friday.  By using the Student “Bank” system we can provide you with daily information regarding your kid’s finances.


Medical care

There is an onsite doctor who is available 24 hours a day who students can visit with any problems they might have. All in-house medical services are covered by the medical insurance. In case an in-patient treatment (hospitalization) is required there is a surcharge, the amount of which is determined by the attended hospital.  

We will need parent’s consent to act “in loco parents” in case there is a medical emergency so that our staff is able to act as fast and adequate as possible.  

Should a child carry any prescribed medicines parents must provide us with detailed information regarding their effects and schedule of use.  All medicines are stored by our medical team.  



Students are allowed to use Internet only under the supervision of the members of the school team.
The use of cell phones during classes or after bedtime is not allowed.
In each case, parents need to confirm the means of travel and provide the necessary additional information.


Photo materials

The magic vacation of the students with the British Summer School – the study process, leisure and excursions will be captured on DVD. All photos will be posted on the school's website (or the one of the Vacation Training Centres Ltd.) and will be offered to the students upon registration.  We would use the photos also to advertise the school to potential participants and their families. Parents should let us know if they do not agree for their child to be photographed.


Start dates

The British Summer School "Arkutino"
for children ages 10 to 14

Session І:    05 July 2020 
                 (departure 18 Juy)

Session ІІ:  19 July 2020
                 (departure 01 August)


Price per student:
730 euro
(1 session = 2 weeks)

double bedroom guaranteed:
+ 59 Euro


Enroll NOW


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